High School Juniors, Time to Book your Grads!

When should you start thinking about your grad pictures?  If you are a Junior, the answer is now.  I have heard before, ‘we are just going to wait until next school year’ or ‘we want to do them in the fall’ and then I have heard the disappointment when, at the last minute, people couldn’t get a time with me.   Do your research and make your decisions now so you can have the photographer you want and get something on the books for the time of year you want.  Not to mention, booking now puts you on sort of a payment plan, because you pay part now and the rest later, nice.   Summer is crazy enough without having to think about ‘…oh yeah, I still have to get my grads taken…’  Once you get into summer, there are family trips, camps, sunburns and bug bites to contend with.  You may think waiting until fall is great idea.  It’s not.  The window of peak leaves is very short and that is IF we have good weather.  When the weather doesn’t cooperate, and you find yourself at the last minute, on a cold gray day full of bare trees,  hoping that you can find someone to get your pictures done for you in time for the yearbook deadline, that kind of stinks.

Check out my senior  gallery and look me up on Facebook  to get a good idea of what my style and perspective are.  If you want to know more about me, what I think is important in choosing a photographer and why I think you should choose me,  check this out.  Oh, and right now, you can get $25 off if you book your session for anytime in 2013!  Bonus!  Contact me for details!

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