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twoharbors senior portrait

I am so excited about the Ambassador program this year!  So far, it has been a lot of fun.  I’m truly amazed at how organized, outgoing and mature these young ladies are.  Spending time with Courtney reinforced my absolute love for  photographing high school seniors.

We struggled to find a date for her session, and once we did, the forecast looked pretty dismal.  February in Duluth is cold, and this year it was really cold.  We went back and forth via email debating if 15 degrees was warm enough…then 10…and I think on that day it never even made it out of the single digits.  We were too fired up to throw in the towel though and decided to move the session indoors.  Courtney was totally game for whatever I threw at her.  Props, backdrops and she even laughed at my joke – yes, I said joke, at the moment I only have one.   She can be goofy and then throw on serious like nobody’s business.   Love that.


A couple weeks later, it did warm up a little, and we had a great outdoor session.  Courtney was such a good sport!  It’s pretty easy for me to say ‘just one more’ while I’m geared up in long underwear,  hat and boots. Meanwhile, she is sitting on a stone bench in a sundress.


I’ve really enjoyed working with Courtney.  She is highly organized, a great communicator, really outgoing and involved.  I think she has a really bright future ahead.  She’s a really great girl and, from what I can tell, just as lovely on the inside as out.  I feel pretty lucky that our paths have crossed and to have her on the team this year representing FHP.  One last image, this one and the first in this post are my personal favorites.


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