Facebook Timeline Covers…Epic?! | Duluth, MN High School Senior Photography

Lately my 11 year old son claims that EVERYTHING is epic.  It cracks me up.    Mostly because things that are really not epic, he says are epic.   I have noticed in listening to his friends at school that he’s not the only one.    I will be the first to admit I am horrible about picking up sayings like this (i.e. “Really?”  “Seriously?”  “Seriously!” “I know, right?”), but ‘Epic’?  Maybe this is a good place  for lack of a better creative option in my tired brain.  Wouldn’t you agree, these new timeline templates are epic?  I am really enjoying them, and they will be part of my package options for Seniors this year!  Love the variety and fun, clean designs.  I’m so excited for my upcoming High School Grad sessions!  I just know they will be epic!  (nope, still not working for me)













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