Bud & Emily | Duluth Maternity Photography

Yay!  My nephew and his wife are having a baby!  Originally they had planned to come to Duluth for pictures, but  when we tried, the weather didn’t cooperate (shocker!).  Instead, they came for a visit, dinner and pictures at the campground we were staying at on Lake Winnie.  I think it ended up way better this way.  I love the old fish camp setting, especially since Bud and Emily are such an outdoorsy couple.

They were up for anything, so we hiked around the old cabins and the dock.   Then I stumbled on an old phone booth behind the pool shed.   Seriously, how often do you find a phone booth?  The lighting was terrible, but when Bud started “calling” the baby on his cell phone, I had to just go with it.  I don’t know how I managed any shots when I was laughing so hard.   What a weirdo.


I am so excited for this little Miller baby to make his/her way into the world!   Thanks so much you guys for having me do these photos for you.  I hope you love them!

Love you both -h




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