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The last few weeks have been really fun because, out of nowhere, I’ve been given opportunities to focus on some pretty mommas.  Kim is no exception.

I love the results from this evening session last week, but I was super intimidated going into it.  Kim is not only a friend, but a photographer and mentor.  I’ve followed her work well before I started my own business.  Her wedding photography is amazing. to say the least.  I got over my intimidation, and in the end, the session was a ton of fun.  The night was one of the few nice ones we’ve had this spring.  The location was perfect.  Kim was as cute as can be.  I really have never photographed anyone that asked so many questions the entire session – what way to look? is her serious look serious or dorky? hands? where do we put these hands?  You could tell she liked to be in control in a situation like this and was thinking so much about the results.  I just kind of laughed because she pretty much looked wonderful no matter what she did.

This is number three for Kim!  I actually almost told her ‘I’m sorry’ when I found out she was pregnant – HA!  Sometimes I forget I have at least ten years on her, and while it would be disastrous for me to have one more at this stage, that’s not the case for everyone.   When Kim told me the other night she feels way better than any of her pregnancies, and I looked at her cute little basketball belly,  I actually went home and told Joe, ‘maybe we should have had one more’.  That feeling only lasted for about 60 seconds, but Kim is a good sell for the whole pregnancy gig.

Kim, I am so glad I got to be a part of this time with you.  I am really looking forward to Baby B’s arrival this summer!  Thanks for all you’ve done for me and all you continue to do.  I hope you love these, -h.





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