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I feel like everywhere I go there are pregnant people lately!  Has anyone else noticed this?  The other night my husband and I were out, and he said ‘there’s another one!’ HA!  Well, I’m really happy for all the new mommas who have sought me out to be part of this special time.  I had a lovely evening with Valerie, Aaron and their sweet dog Jade the other night.  They are pretty excited for their September arrival, and Val is wearing pregnancy quite well.

These two were super creative.  They wanted to include Jade, brought props and had all kinds of ideas.  It was great!  We somehow managed to get a ton packed into this session.  The best part was that Aaron is an expert location scout.  I love it when clients come up with new places to check out.   Val put Aaron on the task to find some spots, and he did not fail her.

Val and Aaron love the outdoors, being by the water and spending time with Jade.  I am certain they will be amazing parents!  Thank you both for letting me capture these special memories for you!




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