Aria | East High School Senior Photography

Aria is awesome!  That is all I really need to say in this post.  I honestly had so much fun with her and her mom, Kim during this session.  I’ve known Kim for a long time and met Aria here and there.  I never realized how fun she is to be around.  And FUNNY!  The entire time we hung out was seriously filled with laughs and jokes and impressions…this girl is seriously hilarious.   She didn’t need any help being funny, however there were  a lot of random people talking to us along the way.  How about that guy in the parking lot with the basketball…’woo hoo!  take my picture!’  as he pulls his shirt up.  Um sure, but I have not a clue who you are nor do I plan to ever see you again, but hey, got your picture.

Besides being fun and funny, let’s add creative and smart to Aria’s list.  She plans to go to one of my rival schools, UW Stout for what they are very well known for, Hospitality Management, next fall.  Ultimately, she would like to get a Disney internship through that program and work for Disney  eventually.  Yay!  I love this, who wouldn’t want to work at the happiest place on earth?!  Pretty sure Aria is the perfect fit.


So very happy to have had this time getting to know Aria better.  I had such a blast, and I think she did too.  Good luck in all you do, Aria!  You are amazing!

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