Dramatic & Elegant Senior Photography Session in Duluth

Harbor City School Senior dramatic grad picture

Lauren with dramatic back lighting.

Lauren called me a couple weeks ago with a mission and a plan.  She needed to get her grad pictures done in a hurry!  Days are short this late into the fall, which means not a ton of time to get photos in during the daylight hours.  We narrowed down our schedules to just one day that would work in order to meet her yearbook deadline.   I was worried, to say the least, when she pulled up in her sundress.  The high that day was 16.  I was layered from head to toe.  Bare legs, bare arms,  and I say ‘now hop on that truck, Lauren!’  Not once did she complain or give me an ‘are you insane’  look.  She hopped on the truck, then this happened…snow.

Dramatic Grad Picture of Harbor City School Senior with snow falling near vintage truck.

I love the variety of looks we got that day.  The sun seemed to always be hitting her at the perfect angle to add a little extra pop of drama.   And here she did a quick turn to show me her shoulder dimple.  What the heck?!?  I didn’t know that was a possible place for a dimple.

Classy Duluth Area Senior photographed on winter day.

Lauren is doing amazing things already as she finishes up her High School career.  She is on the student forum and student board at her school.  She has a detailed plan to leave Duluth after she graduates to pursue college and join the Air Guard.  She plays the fiddle!  She plays at barn dances!  She knows how to square dance!  How fun and lovely is this girl???  Near the end of the day,  on the Lake Superior Harbor, with no shelter from the wind, she smiled one more time and made it all look so easy.

Stunning Senior with Lift Bridge on Duluth Harbor

It was so fun to accomplish this session with Lauren.  I am glad I got to spend a chilly afternoon capturing so much beauty.  You are destine for great things, Lauren!  I wish you the best.  PS – Thanks for the Chai Tea, perfect treat to warm up to after a great day!

Classy Duluth Senior Photograph on Lake Superior Harbor

Are you on a mission like Lauren?  I can make things happen even on a deadline,  and I’m really good at it too!  Contact me for details on how to have a dramatically different session experience!


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