Downtown Duluth Model Session Featuring Apricot Lane

Denfeld High School Senior Meghan_1

Meet Meghan.  I adore her.  Not because she’s a great model (she is!) but because of the amazing person she is through and through.  Meghan is an FHP Ambassador and here is a recap of her Downtown Duluth Spring Fashion session.Denfeld High School Senior Meghan_2

When can I stop talking about the weather when I post sessions?!?  Let’s just face it, Duluth is cold.  So here we go again, cold and windy evening downtown.  I got smart and found a great indoor spot to start the session with shiny marble walls and fun revolving doors.

Downtown Duluth spring fashion session with Apricot Lane.

Apricot Lane has partnered with FHP again (than you Wendy!) on this session.  Have I mentioned why I love this place?  They have constant new inventory!  Every time I’m in there, which is kind of a lot, there is something new.  Wendy did not fail me.  She did an awesome job outfitting Meghan.  I love the coral on her!  And the accessories are amazing.  Oh, and if you haven’t already, Like their Facebook Page.  They are constantly posting new items, you can even order or hold them right on Facebook :)  Makeup and hair by the fabulous Emily Modin.  You can find her at Language of Hair on London Road.

_Denfeld High School Senior Meghan_3

Here’s the deal with Meghan.  You may remember seeing her in a few posts last year.  She interned for me all summer.  Here’s how we met…about a year ago her mom contacted me to say they were interested in having me do her grad pictures. Great!  The catch,  she was just a Sophomore at the time.  We started chatting, and come to find out, Meghan has a strong interest in photography, and she was following my work.  I offered her an internship to gain some knowledge and we had a pretty great time.  Meghan is so sweet and kind.  She is easy to talk to, fun and SUPER busy!  I’m not sure how she manages her jam packed schedule of theater, show choir, going to concerts, volunteering, going to camps and all the rest.

Downtown Duluth spring fashion session with Apricot Lane.

So here we are, a year later, internship over (I’m looking for a new intern by the way!) and who do I get as an applicant for the Ambassador Program? Meghan.  She has been a perfect fit!  I love how easy it is for her in front of the camera.  I think she was taking mental notes while she was hauling gear and holding reflectors, because she truly has it down.  I also love that this girl who has had seven (I’m horrible with numbers, but I think it’s seven) heart surgeries is so happy and full of life.  She is a great inspiration.  I can do some miraculous things with Photoshop, so I asked, scar or no scar?  She thanked me for asking and said, ‘Leave it.  It’s part of me.’  Love that.

Downtown Duluth spring fashion session with Apricot Lane.

Thank you Meghan for seeking me out, listening to me go on and on about photography, shlepping gear, keeping me company on long post-wedding car rides and mostly for being you.  You are amazing and will to great things, I just know it.  Hugs -h



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