Senior in the Spring on Lake Superior


It was a cool spring evening on Lake Superior, but Jordyn was more than willing to give her prom dress one more run in this outdoor session.  We fought the wind and she thought warm thoughts while mini icebergs floated by…ah, life in Duluth!


Jordyn has been very busy as she anxiously wraps up her Junior year.  Among her many sports and activities, Jordyn signed on to be an Ambassador for FloweringHeather Photography this past fall.  It was a pleasure to photograph her again in her gorgeous blue prom dress.  The color and style fit her perfectly.  Jordyn’s dress is from David’s Bridal in the Burning Tree Plaza,  Duluth, MN.



Jordyn and I met during her Downtown Fashion Session back in November.  I wanted to give her the chance to model in the spring also.  I’m not sure which one of us came up with the prom dress idea, but I’m so glad we did!  It’s kind of sad you only get to wear this once and most of your memories are preserved on iPhone pics.  I love it when Seniors bring their dresses on sessions.  I love the contrast of something so formal with a rustic or even urban setting.



Cold or not, this evening was unquestionably a beautiful one.  Jordyn, you are truly lovely and a joy to work with.

Marshall Juniors, be sure to chat with Jordyn about booking your session with FHP!


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