Senior Summer for Skylar

Denfeld Urban PhotographyA brisk chill hung about this particular June day of shooting, but Skylar made each shot of her photos look effortless and naturally modeled. The fog that drifted over Lake Superior slowly blew away and gave bright blue skies as the shoot moved from the West side of Downtown Duluth to Enger Park on the hill. Skylar, a senior at Denfeld High School, went on a school trip to Germany the same week as this shoot.

Urban Duluth SeniorDisplaying a fun use of color coordination, Skylar wore matching purple in her shirt, glasses, and accessories. It spoke volumes of her fun personality as shown through fashion. Her personality probably aids her well in her school activities of Show Choir, Speech Team, and Theater.

Duluth Senior Skyline Skylar’s friend Meaghan was along on this shoot, helping off-camera to hold the reflector and guide the afternoon light onto Skylar as she posed in the gardens of Enger Park and in Enger Tower itself. The park is very pretty this time of year. I guess I’m partially thankful for the cold that day because it kept away the droves of tourists that might have made taking some of these shots a lot harder.

Enger Tower Duluth SeniorSkylar changed up her ensemble into a cute blue dress comboed with a sweater or a jacket. Here are a couple of the closer headshots. There’s a sort of inspiring intensity in her eyes, like a determined force that may not know what the future holds, but isn’t afraid of backing down from a challenge.

Duluth Grad Photos Garden¬†Thanks for an awesome shoot, Skylar, and here’s to a great last year of high school.

Guest Blog by: Ben LaBerge



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