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I have three new Ambassadors this year! They are so enthusiastic, ambitious and creative! I put the word out on Thursday that I wanted to shoot on Saturday, and Meghan and Alli gave me the thumbs up! Here’s the best part. I basically gave them very little feedback on what to wear. I told them what I was generally looking for, reminding them this a model session, not their grads, and they did the rest. I love both of their interpretations of what I gave them for inspiration. Let’s start with Meghan.


I adore the vintage hat and dress Meghan selected. She threw in the socks and combat boots just to give it her own personal flair. I love what she did here. As I get to know her, I can see that this outfit really reflects her personality well.


And now for the drama, which is one of Meghan’s biggest passions. One of my suggestions was for her to try to bring that into the session. So out came a large piece of red material with lipstick to match. She fashioned it quickly into a dress and there you have it.


Oh but wait, there’s more. Her eyes started watering from the wind. She was fighting it so hard. I finally said, what the heck, just go with it. Tears.


Meghan wrapped up with an elegant dress and a crown of flowers. These called for some serious creative editing, and I love the results.


Now for Alli.

Alli went with the cozy look which she wears so well. She’s so tall and lovely. I swear, anything would look good on this girl.

Oh, and the hair…not only tall but the most beautiful hair!


I love that she picked up on my outdoorsy kind of girl inspiration. She grabbed her favorite flannel and was set.

By this point, we were toward the end of the session. Alli takes direction well and only needed a few suggestions to get into model mode. I love how she rocked this set.


Once again, lucky to have fabulous young ladies representing FloweringHeather Photography. Impromptu model sessions like this are just one of the many benefits of being an FHP Ambassador. Harbor City International School Juniors, be sure to find Meghan for more information about grad pictures and specials…Two Harbors High School, look up Alli!


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