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Fierce track running, outdoors loving, canoe building (the list goes on) Krysten is on the blog today!
#1 thing I love about this girl, she’s afraid of nothing. Well, at least nothing I could come up with. She’s her own person, knows what she wants, not afraid to get dirty, and still likes being girly.
I was so impressed with Krysten’s ideas for this session. She wanted to get so much in, and she didn’t compromise on her vision. A familiar dirt road, the Two Harbors High School track and a special piece of beach on Lake Superior…check, check and check! We hit them all.
It’s fun when clients pick there own locations, but if it’s someplace I’ve never been, 20+ miles up the shore, it’s a little daunting. I was right to put my trust in Krysten. Even though the parking lot┬ádidn’t look like much, it offered a great wooded trail leading to the most amazing beaches. 2015-01-20_0003.jpg
Beaches? Oh yes, one side sandy…
…and the other side the most amazing red rock for as far as you can see. In the Duluth area, I am used to seeing Lake Superior rock in grey, and red and blues all mixed up. This was a treat. Not to mention, the most perfect piece of driftwood that just happened to be there. Her dress, her hair, the beach…I was in photographer heaven!
The bad part about my job is, while I get to hear all about people’s dreams during the short time I get to know them, I may never know where they end up (hint hint). Krysten has big plans. She’s leaving MN to head back to her roots. Construction or mechanics could be in her future, last I heard. Fingers crossed I’ll get an update from this adorable one. Wishing her all of the best in the future!

Hair and Makeup by the fabulous Emily Modin! Contact me for more info.

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