Senior Photography | Nick | Dultuh East HS


Looking back to late summer, I found Nick’s session in the archives. My first guy session of the season and so awesome! I have the best clients ever. Nick and his family ranked right up there on the cool and fun meter!

My first time at Hawk Ridge (gasp!) and the Deeps on Lester River (double gasp!). Yeah, I’ve only lived Duluth like 16 years, it takes me a while to check this whole beautiful city out. Back to Nick…yes, I was super scared when he got up on the edge of bridge (it’s a long way down)! But he’s all outdoorsy and has no fear. I swear, totally his idea.
We wrapped up this summer evening on Lake Superior. I really loved hanging out with Nick. He is a ton of fun and so interesting. Looking forward to hearing what the future holds for you, Nick! -h

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