Grad Photos | Matt | Class of 2015 – Harbor City International School

Here is what was so fun about Matt’s session, Matt. He is so outgoing and fun to be around. He had some great ideas of what he wanted to capture in his grad photos and we were totally able to nailĀ it on this lovely early fall evening.

Clearly Matt is into music. Usually with props, I grab a few shots and move on. I couldn’t get enough of how much the guitars lent to Matt’s personality though. I was surprised at how many of these shots I loved.
There is no better vantage point than Hawk Ridge for Duluth fall colors. The sumac were so incredible! We hit it just right for all kinds of great fall color.
Winding down toward the Lake we found a few stopping points along the way. We were just getting setup for a set when we heard a loud screech and crash. We all looked at each other and ran to our cars to go see what happened. Matt’s mom is a nurse, but luckily her skills were not needed. Not sure how the driver missed the bridge (a little speedy perhaps) but the car had gone crashing through the trees. Everyone was OK and they drove away unharmed, dragging a few branches behind. It made for a little extra excitement. Back to the shoot…
Brighton Beach was the perfect last stop for the evening. I knew I had more than enough photos of Matt for a great selection, but I could not stop. The light, the Lake…magic. 2015-02-08_0007.jpg
Loved working with Matt! Such a truly good guy. Wishing you the very best in all your future journeys! 2015-02-08_0008.jpg

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