Downtown Duluth | High School Senior session with Meadowlark Floral


I am really excited to share this session. Meghan is an actress. She was feeling the glamor during this Downtown Duluth session.


The pictures in the shop window at Meadowlark are my favorite. There were passersby very curious about what was going on. I loved shooting from outside through the glass to get some really unique shots.


I am pretty sure she went home with this gorgeous maxi dress. Special thanks to Apricot Lane for all the great clothing and accessories. Wendy is always so helpful in outfitting high school students for their grad pictures. Love what she did here.

This was just a small segment of Meghan’s session. There were too many I loved to fit into one post! Stop back soon!

Hair and makeup by Sara Skyberg, Fitgers Salon & Spa.

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