Grad Session: Duluth Senior Photography

A MN grad session…

This is Meghan. I texted with her tonight and then got home and was inspired to dig through her photos and get some blogging going! I love my clients, and I adore my ambassadors! Spending time with these girls never gets old for me. I love their ambition, creativity, and overall energy. I was so happy to be able to work with Meghan! She’s an actress extraordinaire and her model sessions were, well, dramatic.
Tears of cold in this woodsy winter shot. Her eyes kept watering, so I said, why fight it, let’s go with it. Love.
Pale pink in a misty field. Not your typical grad photo, but this was not a typical grad session. All my ambassadors get a free model session. At least one! Once spring rolled around, Meghan and I got together downtown and had a blast at Meadowlark Floral! Diane created this amazing headpiece special for our session.

Meghan got to pick her outfits from Apricot Lane. I think she may have gone back and bought this shirt even. So cute!
Finally summer rolled around and it was time for Meghan’s “real” session. Her grads were awesome because she had so many ideas. She put them out there and we brainstormed locations. That evening was just perfect and so were her photos.


One of the best parts of the night was that she kept switching her hair. Every outfit change, she did something a little different. I was seriously in awe. I can’t do an up do uninterrupted in my bathroom for an hour let alone in 5 minutes in the car window.
Meghan’s a pretty special girl that I know will do some really amazing things. All my best to you, Meghan! I can’t say enough great things about you.


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