Class of 2017 Grad Photo Season Begins!

Are you ready Class of 2017?  It’s seriously time to start thinking about your grad photos!

downtown Duluth grad photo

I have new ambassadors! They are representing FloweringHeather Photography and got to experience first hand how a photo session goes down. Do you know these lovely ladies? Ask them what they thought of their session so you can start figuring out what you want for yours.

While super cold, the session was pretty awesome.  We really did have fun. I love that their moms tagged along too. Have you wondered, “should my mom come with when I get my senior pictures taken?”  The great thing about having moms there, they know their kids better than anyone. They know when the smile is real, or their hair is not quite the way they like it…they are really helpful. So don’t be too quick to leave mom behind.

The girls were outfitted by a downtown Duluth boutique, Apricot Lane Duluth. We did a whirlwind session in the downtown area, managing to avoid frostbite! They did good. Check it out.


Michigan Street downtown Duluth grad photo

downtown Duluth grad photo on Superior Street

Meet Emilie and Camila!


downtown Duluth grad photo outfit idea

all American look grad photo

As you get ready for your grad session, think about things like this, what to where. Look at these amazing outfits. Yes, they were put together by a professional, but with careful thought and input from the girls. It’s so important that you are comfortable and feel good in what you’re wearing! Don’t forget shoes and accessories. They all matter. Layer to add interest. Choose locations that go with your outfit AND your personality. Have fun! Really, if your grad session isn’t fun, there’s a problem.

downtown Duluth grad photo
Can’t wait for warmer weather and grad photo season to be in full swing. Yay, class of 2017, an exciting summer awaits you!

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